Friday, May 15, 2009

Swatches: NYX Eye Pencils & Glitter Mania Jumbo Pencils

I haven't received my whole NYX order yet so I figured I'll make some swatches of things I already have. Today is the last day to get them half price!!

Here are the NYX eye pencils that are normally $2.00 each. If you can't see the colors clearly in the picture, they are Extreme Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Silver, White, Charcoal, Taupe, Soft Blue, and Soft Pink.

These are Glitter Mania Jumbo Pencils that are normally $3.00 each. They are truly all glitter! The colors are Crystal, Moonstone, Silver, and Chakra.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day + L'Oreal F&F Haul

Happy Mother's day all!!! I'm back! All my finals are done and I finally have time to make some new posts. On Friday I went with my bff to Manhattan because they were having a huge sale for L'Oreal brands. I bought some stuff which I kept and others which I gave to my mommy for her day. Here is the advertisement for the sale and the pictures of all the stuff I got!

These small one was originally $10, on sale for $3.50 and $31.50 down to $7.00!

$23.96 down to $5.60 and $20.80 to $7.00!

This pack of Juicy tubes originally $39.50 for $12.60!

These lippies were originally $11.60 for $3.50 each!

I got these for $3.50 each!

These cost $7 each I believe from $20.80. The colors are Rose Defile, Forget Me Not, Pink Attitude (Shimmer), and Refined Rose.

And lastly, a NOTD I did earlier this week:

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