Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Review: e.l.f. Studio Eye Primer & Liner Sealer

This is a review for the e.l.f. Studio Eye Primer & Liner Sealer, not to be confused with their mineral eyeshadow primer, that I reviewed before here. This retails for $3 for .09 oz primer and .14 oz sealer. The sealer side is suppose to help turn your eyeshadow into liquid eyeliner. As I don't usually use that because I'm scared to poke myself in the eye, I decided to try it out. It just felt like a cold brush, but some color from my e/s did show up so I guess it does work, if I lined a few more times the color will build up.

As for the primer side, I tried this as an experiment with NYX eyeshadow. On one side of my eye, I used no primer at all and on the other, I used this product. You can easily tell that the side with the primer made the e/s more vibrant and not dull like the other eye. After several hours, the eye with primer lasted without creasing, which makes this product effective! I wouldn't recommend these with cream eyeshadows because it creased for me.

Compared with the mineral eyeshadow primer, I would say it is equally effective, but the mineral one comes with more product (.15 oz vs .09). I guess it would depend on which applying method you like better and if you have use for the sealer end. I have read that this studio primer reminds people of a concealer stick which makes me wonder if regular concealer sticks can do the same job. I guess that will be another experiment for next time!


Miss.Fab said...

great review!

regular concealer can work too!

twinsouls888 said...

Nice review, very cute blog. I followed you ^_^

Kitty said...


aqlim said...

Thanks for the review.

as u metioned, this is not suitable for cream any primer that u are using for cream shadow base?

Kitty said...

Well no, I am just avoiding cream shadows from now on haha.

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